Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting offers members a low cost, trouble free option to brighten up a dark space. New technology has enabled us to offer Dark Sky Compliant LED outside lighting to our members. This lighting uses less energy and has a much longer life then the old HPS (high pressure sodium) lamps. If a transformer or meter pole is located in the area where illumination is desired, Park Electric can install and maintain a new LED outside light for $10.00 per month, which includes the electricity used. The light must be mounted on a pole with secondary wire, as shown in the diagram (coming soon). Sorry, this service is not available for members with underground services. If you are interested in illumination for your outside space, please contact the Operations Department at 222-7778 to discuss your options.

If you have an existing HPS light and it is in need of replacement or repair, we will be replacing them with 57 Watt LED lights from now on.