Net-metering is available to members who want to interconnect a renewable generator with a nameplate capacity of not more than 15 kW. Net-metering allows electricity generated in excess of use to flow back onto the grid and offset any electricity used from the cooperative. True-up for net-metering is annually. The table below compares how a net-metered service may reduce a monthly bill for a typical residential 200 amp service with a 4 kW photovoltaic generator.

Monthly Bill

Net-meter Service

Residential Service

Monthly base rate $32.00 $23.00
kWh used 1000 1000
kWh generated -420 -
Total kWh 580 1000
Total bill $81.88 $109.00

In this scenario a member with a 4 kW PV system was able to offset 420 kilowatt-hours from the 1000 kWh they would have used for a total savings of $27.12.


Please be sure to contact the office before you begin the process of installation or with any questions about the process. A link to the interconnection application we require can be found here.