Heat Rate Program

The Heat Rate Program is for qualifying electric space heating wired through a separate meter. Measured separately all electricity used for space heating is billed at the lowest block rate of 5.4 cents per kilowatt-hour. Qualifying systems include hard wired electric baseboard, radiant panels, boilers and air/ground source heat pumps. Heat pumps either must be sized for the whole house or, if not, the backup heating system must be something other than electric.

The heat rate is only available for the primary living quarters of a residential class service. Only one residence/living quarters per service is eligible. Outbuildings, barns, sheds and guest houses do not qualify.

Beginning October 1, 2016 domestic water heaters will not be allowed on the electric heat rate.

The maximum load of the heating system on the heat meter cannot exceed 40 kW. The heat rate will only be available during the heating season which begins in October and ends in April. Regular residential rates shall apply during the summer months.


Please contact Park Electric if you are interested in the Heat Rate Program. Approval of the proposed system is necessary prior to installation. To download a Heat Meter Request Form click the following link:

All wiring and materials are the member's responsibility. Park Electric will supply the actual heat meter.  However the meter box must be purchased by the member. You may purchase the meter box through Park Electric or another supplier. All wiring must be completed by the homeowner or their electrician. An electrical permit from the state is required. After all wiring is complete call our office and schedule an appointment for Park Electric to install the meter.

Heat Meter Brochure

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