Energy Portfolio

Curious about where your energy comes from? Park Electric Cooperative purchases power from Central Montana Electric Power Cooperative (CMEPC).  CMEPC has contracts with Basin Electric Power Cooperative (Basin) and Western Area Power Administration (WAPA).  65% of the energy we get from CMEPC is non-carbon emitting hydro electric power from the dams along the Missouri river which is delivered by WAPA.  The remaining 35% of the power we receive from CMEPC comes from Basin.  Their energy portfolio is more diverse and can be seen in the pie chart below.  Basin has been working progressively over the past several years to diversify its power portfolio and incorporate more renewables.

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Park Electric Energy Mix 35% Basin 65% Central (Hydro)Basin Electric energy mix illustration mixture of coal, hydro, oil, natural gas, wind, recovered, nuclear and unspecified