Educational Solar Array

Educational Solar Array

Park Electric energized a 4.6 kW 16 panel solar array in June of 2016.  The system was created as an educational piece for our membership and the community.  Harvest Solar did the design and installation of our system located near the entrance of our property. 

The system currently powers a portion of our office and its generation history can be viewed at the link below.  This is a new system, so we will be watching to see what its generation potential looks like.  The average projection for production of an array this size is about 555 kWh per month and 6,663 kWh per year. 

The cost of the project out of pocket was roughly $22,000.  The average homeowner could benefit from a 30% Federal tax and a Montana state credit of $500, bringing the cost down to roughly $15,000.  The projected payoff for the system is around 40 years using current Park Electric rates.

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Park Electric Educational Solar Panels