Contracts and Easements

When an electrical service is installed involving any extension of facilities, Park Electric must have easements from every landowner where the new electric line will cross. This includes an easement from you as well as landowners whose property is used to get the line to you. An easement is a legal document giving Park Electric Cooperative egress permission to install and access the electric line when needed.

A contract is required for a new service and if upgrades are made to an existing service. The contract specifies the terms and conditions for receiving electricity from Park Electric.  When you pay for aid of construction the contract does not have a term nor does it require a monthly minimum in excess of the standard monthly base rate. The contract must be signed and in some cases notarized and returned to our office.

Park Electric makes every effort to determine who owns property where the proposed line will cross and send out the appropriate easements. All signed and notarized easements must be returned to our office. It is your responsibility to return your easement to us. We will pursue easements from other landowners.