Construction Aid

The estimated cost of installing a service is based on Park Electric's historical average costs for constructing similar projects. If actual project costs come in under the estimated amount, you receive a refund for the difference. If actual costs are more, we absorb the overrun.

Occasionally, in the course of a construction project, there are unforeseen difficulties outside of our control which may increase the cost of construction. Typically, examples of additional costs include the need to blast solid rock, frozen ground conditions or service change plans. The cooperative reserves the right to bill these extra costs to you.

All estimated aid of construction fees must be paid in full before your project will be added sequentially to the construction schedule.  Park Electric does not offer any type of payment plans or contracts.

If paperwork is not received before inclement weather or frost conditions, work may be delayed. However, if you desire the work to continue, extra charges may be billed.