Billing Questions

Here we have answers to some of your most frequent questions. If you have any questions that are not covered here, feel free to call the office.

I am going to be out of town, what needs to be done?

If you will be gone more than one month, provide us with a forwarding address AND phone number or sign up for electronic billing and get your bills via email.

I am planning to rent one of my services.

It is the responsibility of the property owner to notify our office of the appropriate move in and move out dates to ensure accuracy in billing. We will list the renter on a sub-account, and a duplicate copy of the bills and correspondence related to the account will be mailed to the renter.

I am planning to sell my property.

If you are using a realtor, be sure to have the listing agent fax a copy of the listing agreement so we may release the monthly usage information as well as any contract minimums that may be associated with the service. This will give the prospective buyers an indication of what will be required to assume the electrical service.

If you are not using a realtor, it is important you contact our office regarding your service to ensure there are no contract minimums to be assumed by the new owner.

Can I pay my bill online?

Park Electric now accepts payment online through a third party payment center. If paying by credit card or e-check a convenience fee of $3.95 will be applied to the payment you make. Additionally, credit card or e-check payments are taken in maximum increments of $250. As such, if you are making a payment greater than $250.00 it will equate to multiple transactions, with the $3.95 fee applied to each transaction. Electronic payments made before 5pm are posted to your account the next business day. Electronic payments made after 5pm are not received from the third party payment center until the next business day and will be posted to your account the following business day. To pay online click HERE. For those who are using other online payment services, please keep in mind there is often a third party involved in the processing of your payment. This will sometimes cause the payment to arrive later than one would anticipate.

When is my bill due?

Statements are sent out on or about the 1st of each month for usage from the previous calendar month.  Due date is the 15th. The bill is considered late if we do not receive payment by 5 pm on the 15th. 

When does my bill become delinquent?

An account becomes delinquent if an amount remains unpaid one month after the statement due date. For more information on the process of delinquency and disconnection, please click here.

Viewing your bills online

Park Electric offers it's members the ability to view your current and past bills online. Please be sure to read the instructions BEFORE you login to the service.  Click here to view your bill online. From there, you can view your bills, payments and usage as well as sign up for electronic billing.

Receiving your bills electronically

Go paperless!  Park Electric offers the ability to receive your bills via email.  You can sign up for this service through our online bill viewer mentioned above or you can call the office and ask us to set you up. For full bill pay automation, go with electronic billing and ACH bill pay.

Pay your bills automatically

Park Electric offers the ability for your bill to paid automatically from your checking or savings account every month. With this service we offer a $1.50 bill credit and we will automatically deduct the balance due on or near the 15th of every month.  All you have to do is fill out the ACH form and send us a copy of a voided check.  Go paperless by combining this service with our electronic billing!